I think everyone who thrifts has those few items that you look for each time you go. Each time I go I have list in my head of what I’m looking for, but try to keep an open mind so I don’t miss anything awesome. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone back to look through an entire department because I forgot to just browse. My top go-to spots are 1) shoes 2) dresses and 3) jackets/blazers because I feel, in Canada, you can never have enough outerwear.  I’ve become a bit of a jacket addict so if I find a jacket I love at a second hand store it’s a bonus. For a while now I’ve been looking for that classic tweed jacket. The problem I usually face is the fit. When you go to the women’s section size small, most items have shoulder pads or are too big. This normally causes me to shop in the boy’s department. But when I was at my regular Value Village, sifting through the women’s size small rack with little hope, I found it! Meet my very own cute little black tweed jacket.

A Little History

Coco Chanel is credited for making the tweed suit fashionable in the 1960′s. 

source: Coco Chanel


A lot of Inspiration

Today the tweed suit is still popular but in separates. Here’s some stylish ladies who show how to modernize the tweed jacket. How inspirational!

source: Aime La Mode

source: Wendy’s Lookbook (great blog!)

source: Clemence Posey via Fab Sugar


source: La Mode


Tweed Jacket 

Leather Jacket (in my dreams)

Tuxedo blazer

Sequin shorts (that’s classic right? I’ve been searching for these for a while. I may end up making them)


That’s one classic checked off. Yaay!

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  1. You want the cut of the shirt to flatter what you believe your best features and detract from the features you would like to illustrate notice away from. Think about lapels, necklines, shoulder pads or no shoulder pads, sleeve distance end to end, cuff style, and contouring.

  2. So lovely and gorgeous.

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  12. Sarah says:

    How much did you get your jacket for?!

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