One of my favourite things to do is interpret a current trend using vintage and thrifted items (i.e. inexpensive), like finding my vintage leather jacket for $30 after leather bombers became so popular. From my outfits you can tell I’m not a complete (for lack of a better phrase) trend whore, but I think it’s important to participate in trends while wearing what you love to help develop your personal style.

I have developed a collection, report, whatever you want to call it for 2009 and 2010. These trend posts will are divided into five parts: the biggest trends of 2009, what trends have made an appearance this year that will blossom in 2010, and trends in 2010 that will emerge.

This list is a combination of streetstyle I find in blogs, looks from the runway, and celebrity style.

1. The Bold Shoulder

Designer Christophe Decarnin of Balmain brought the bold shoulder back. This body part seems to be featured about every forty years from on and before the 1890s, 1930s & 40s with Joan Crawford, and the 1980s with the power suit and are back with a vengeance. Although many people compare the modern shoulder movement to the 80s, the more streamlined version is more reminiscent of the 1940′s suits. The bold shoulder from Balmain became so popular celebrities like Rihanna and Beyonce and even the late Michael Jackson immediately got their hands on it, making it the ultimate “diva” symbol. Predictably, mainstream stores such as Zara and H&M quickly made their own versions so the masses could be a part of the trend. The bold shoulder is a fun and powerful trend which can easily be found at your local thrift and vintage store, the question is, are you bold enough?


1. Bold Shoulder

sources Clockwise from top: Demi: Celebrity Gossip, Ployy:, Daria:, MJ:, Epha:, Lily:, Beyonce:

See’s guide to wearing the bold shoulder

2. The New Detail: DIY Studs

The Do-It-Yourself stud trend is a blog favourite. It was impossible not to visit a blog this summer without seeing this popular project post, usually applied to denim shorts, a bag (which I plan to d0 soon), or a leather jacket. The creative possibilities are endless and this trend doesn’t seem to be stopping soon, so pop on down to your nearest craft store and spice up those keds… or denim vest… or belt…or jeans…or boots…


Sources Clockwise from top: Jak&JilBoots:SoRightNow, Bags, Men’s Rollerball LoafersA.Olsen:SoRightNow,

Check out Tongue In Chic for a little history of studs

3. The New Classic: Leather Jacket

Every year there seems to be an item that becomes our new staple, whether it was the skinny jean, the boyfriend blazer or this year’s favourite, The Leather Jacket. While I’m still waiting for Uggs to die (please oh please) I gladly welcome the leather coat, simple, classic, and unisex.


Sources Clockwise from top: Celine S/S 2010: Style.comBenno:Lookbook.nuMelody:, Daria: The FashionSpotFrouFrou Blog

Check out Ryerson’s Fashion Design Competition with Danier

4. Leopard Print

This is a trend that I did not think I would fall for but like a Beyonce song, I was eventually beaten into submission (though I promise to leave anywhere that allows “video phone” to play) In any case, it got me and I love it, I am the proud owner of a leopard belt and top and soon more.


Sources Clockwise from top: Anja Rubik: Isable Marant 2009 ,,  Mary-Kate Olsen:Fashion Allure, Mens, Golestaneh Streetstyle blogwedges:Refinery 29,

I think I figured out why I never liked leopard print…

5. Sequins

My earliest memory of sequins is when my mother had to sew them on my sister’s jazz costume – it was not a happy time in our house. My friends have similar stories whether it’s skating, gymnastics, or dance costumes, we put our mothers and grandmothers through torture so we could sparkle while we dance. The sequin trend has allowed us to sparkle into adulthood (but thankfully without the accompanying leotard).


sources from clockwise: Jacket: Karen from WhereDidYouGetThat, Sasha: FashionGoneRogue.comLeggings: Knightcat,, Versace dress:Style.comChanel Iman: StyleFrizz

Check back Thursday for part 2: The Wolf Shirt, Thigh-high boots, Ripped tights and more!

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