The lovely Renee from Eat Live Shop tagged me to participate in a “10 Things That Make Me Happy” challenge. But I’ve decided to twist it around a bit and post my favourite things about vintage (which inevitably leads to my happiness).

My Favourite Find

I’m happiest when I walk out of vintage and thrift stores with shoes, so it’s a toss-up between my Aigle riding boots that I got from a garage sale for $10 (best rain boots ever), my Brown’s combat boots I found at Goodwill (St. Clair) for $13 or my black (Jeffrey Campbell-ish) shoes I got at Value Village in Regina, SK.


My Favourite Vintage Moment

My boyfriend Wes and I are the ultimate garage-salers (if that’s a word). In the summer we bike to them each weekend and this past summer we hit the jackpot when we went to the Beaches. Among the many Buns of Steele videos (so weird – EVERYONE had them), I found some really cute shoes. I asked the seller how much they were but she had to go in the house to ask her mother who was the original owner. While she was gone Wes, the ultimate haggler, was pumping me up to make the ultimate deal. Ready to do my best bargaining, a lady at least eighty years old comes out, and says to me, “$1 each?” I completely melted, and paid this adorable woman who shared the same taste in shoes as me.


Least Favourite Vintage Moment

On the topic of garage sales… Wes and I were finished visiting an area and started to bike away when I realized I lost him. I pulled over to the side to wait and when he finally caught up to me he said I left my water bottle at one of the houses. The owner had called him over to retrieve it, shook his head and in his thick accent said, “STUPID GIRL”. Yes, how rude!

My Favourite Accessory

Belts! I have over 50 of them. I really don’t know how it happened… I will have to devote a blog post to them.


Favourite Designer Find

At Double Take I found an Aquascutum sweater for $3 and Wes found a Pringle of Scotland cardigan for $4.

Favourite place to shop for vintage

Garage sales! It’s more time-consuming but being able to meet the original owners and hear stories about their items is a great experience (aahh I want summer back!)

The Find that no one liked

I have a few. First are these great pants that are green with a subtle floral pattern and almost a brocade texture. They have the same style as harem pants so I was pretty excited about them. I wore them to work once and I got, “What are those? Pyjamas?” to “You look like a couch”.

Second are woven winklepicker shoes that I got from a garage sale. I loved them but I couldn’t figure out if they were mens or womens. I like masculine pieces so I didn’t really care, but everyone confirmed that they were mens and I sensed a disgusted tone in their voices. Also, my friend told me that she saw a homeless man wearing the same shoes and thought he had mugged me for them (she was actually genuinely concerned). However, I am happy to say that I just found them on a great Etsy shoe shop listed as women’s! ha!


My Favourite place to shop outside of TO

The Reuse Centre in Burlington. Wes’s family is from here so whenever we go back to visit we always hit up this magical place. The Reuse Centre is a huge warehouse where garage sale items go to die and it’s amazing! They don’t have a large selection of clothes but I always find something amazing when I go. Amongst my many finds my favourites are a vintage luggage hat case, and a fur collar that I used in one of my DIYs. The Reuse Centre carries everything from records, to doors, to luggage, books, furniture and have great prices. If you’re ever in the BDot area you have to go.


My Favourite Non-Fashion Find

Mirrors and my teapot lamp! I started collecting old mirrors in the summer and have accumulated about six of them so far. The Teapot Lamp is from Wes’s mother who wanted to give it away to one of her three children but no one wanted it (weird right?)! It’s probably the coolest thing I own.

teapotlamp_10favthings-023 mirrors_10favthings-025

My Favourite Vintage Buddy

Wes’s Mom! Marg finds the best deals. When we go garage saling we are both out of the vehicle before it stops running and can hunt for hours. Whenever I visit we always share our latest finds!

The End

That’s it! Those are my favourite things about vintage. I would love to hear your stories and items you have found from visiting vintage and thrift stores, and garage sales! Tell me your vintage stories!

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  1. Genya says:

    Your vintage mirror collection beautiful! They look great in a cluster.



  2. Your winklepicker shoes are amazing. Everyone be hatin’.

  3. Rea says:

    Ahhhh, that lamp is amazing. It’s all amazing but that just makes me smile.
    My favourite (recent) vintage moments are first, waking up and having an overwhelming urge to go to Talize, finding out they were having a 50% off sale, and finding the most beautiful and detailed black silk blouse thing for $2.50! It was just from Jacob but the detailing makes it look designer, I think, and get compliments on it all the time!

  4. kaitlin says:

    @Genya thank-you! I had another but I recently broke it :( I need more!

    @Rayanne THANKS! It’s nice to have someone else on Team Manly Winklepickers

    @Rea Great find! Your blouse sounds amazing? Where is Talize? Thanks for sharing your story

  5. great list!! i love the spin you put on the happy list. those mirrors are amazing-i’m going to have to go garage sale hunting this summer!

  6. kaitlin says:

    @Renee I’m glad you like my interpretation! Garage-saling is the best!

  7. krystel says:

    <3 your studded Jeffrey Campbell-like boots + $1.00 shoes!!
    i too need to go garage sale shopping!

  8. kaitlin says:

    Yes! I’m glad I’m getting everyone hooked on garage sales! They are so much fun!

    Thanks for your comment Krystel :)

  9. Kristy says:

    whooaa the boots are such great finds!im so zeeaalllouuss of everybody who always manages to score great thrift/vintage stuff. I’m very very very unlucky 101% of the time :(

  10. kaitlin says:

    @Kristy Finding boots at a thrift store is the best! I’ve had some lucky breaks. You just have to keep going! Thanks for your comment!

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