Kaitlin Simonsen is a Fashion student at Ryerson University in Toronto with an ongoing romance with vintage and thrift-store fashion. After internships at Winners Merchants International, and Hazelton Lanes Luxury Shopping Centre in Yorkville, she realized she could create the same luxury style for significantly less using vintage and thrift store garments. Kaitlin’s background in fashion design, and her participation in online fashion communities, have inspired her to create MyVintageSecret.com to share her vintage adventures and act as a helpful vintage style resource.

My View on Vintage

kaitlinI discovered vintage fashion recently as an economical, and affordable addition to my wardrobe all while encompassing nostalgic romance. Adding pieces of the past creates a fresh, one-of-a-kind style and guarantees fashion exclusivity. In my blog I use vintage items in a modern way and customize pieces to suit current trends as well as my own evolving style. I believe good merchandise in the right size takes priority over age so a few items in my shop may not fit into some definitions of “vintage” but they are pieces I want you to enjoy and give a second life to. Ultimately, I think fashion is something everyone should enjoy and a price tag shouldn’t stand in the way of expressing yourself. Join me in the hunt for the best deals and extraordinary garments as I continue my love affair with vintage fashion.