The newest addition to the Shorts of the Summer series is: Scallop shorts! Scallop hems have been around for a while and you see this detail on a lot of clothes in stores right now. If you want this look on the cheap make it yourself! Honestly this was such an easy DIY and it yielded great results! I’m all ready for the summer. Now if only the appropriate weather would show up!

  • Jeans
  • Scissors
  • paper
  • ruler
  • marking pencil

1. Find shorts or jeans you like! I got mine from Value Village!

2. Cut to desired length. I try mine on, mark on the outside and inside where I want to cut. Then add a little more room because the scallop edge will rise higher.

3. Make a template for your scallop. First I drew a straight line (using a magazine, use a ruler if you have one on hand). Then I found a circle shape (used my cream blush- honestly I have no “real” tools just use what you have) and drew the first “scallop”. Using that to make the rest, I measured the distance from my first line to the end of the circular end of the scallop and mark the same measurement at the other end of the line. Then draw a line parallel to the first, this ensures that your scallop will stay even. Continue drawing scallops.

4. Place the edge of the scallops on the hem of the shorts, trace with a pencil, and cut. To get a smooth edge try cutting the scallop in one “slice”. This prevents any edges from appearing on your smooth shape.

5. You’re done!


We are done week two of the Shorts of the Summer series! What do you think of the scalloped edge?

Check out the floral print tutorial from week one! 

Summer is getting closer, get your DIY on!


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  1. dita says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! Those looks pretty neat and worth to try!

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