Oh Mary Kate, how I wish I was you (and not just for canoodling with Uncle Jesse all those years)! Ever since I saw this picture I’ve wanted to replicate this outfit… sans feather headdress that is. This is the perfect combination of adorable/casual. I saw this picture about two years ago and every time I found into a full skirt I thought of Mary Kate but when I tried on the skirt I saw an awkward eight- year old. Full skirts are easy to find but tough to pull off. For me, they have been very unflattering, adding a few pounds or when paired with a t-shirt, creating a mid-section bulge- never good.

I found this skirt by accident. I was at the Goodwill at Bloor and Sherbourne, where I was searching for the perfect black winter short, when I found this adorable, on-trend, elastic-waisted circle skirt! Trying not to get too excited (as a thrift store junky, finding the right size is always an issue) I went to try it on.  It fit! And for the low price of $6!


My favourite thing about this skirt (besides the twirl-ability and non-bulge) is the label which reads, “Mes Trois Soeurs”, or “My Three Sisters” for those of you who weren’t forced to take French. It made me think of my sisters and my mom, who has turned into both a sister and a best friend. Ahhhh I miss you guys!

Since I didn’t have time to post a picture I’m using the magic of Polyvore to show you what I wore my skirt with today using similar items. It ended up being a tad bit too school-girl but it had a classic vibe which I loved.

Mes Trois Soeurs outfit
Mes Trois Soeurs outfit by MyVintageSecret featuring a double breasted coat

Have a great day!


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A hybrid of something your grandmother and an elderly gentleman would wear


Weird hey? But nice. I didn’t know what to think of these shoes when I got them. They have this nostalgic feel , like something I could wear on a balcony while drinking cognac and smoking a cigar but also something you could wear lawn-bowling. The toe shape, the colour, and the overall weirdness of them ultimately won me over.  Now to find some cognac and join a lawn-bowling league…

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Hey guys! Yes I am ashamed at my absence on this blog :( With the combination of starting a new job (yaay I’m a grown-up!) and summer vacations, and blogging for other sites, I have been too busy to update My Vintage Secret so it has unfortunately been thrown on the back burner. I’m just settling into my work routine so I’m going to make an effort to post more often.

Having a job doesn’t allow me to shop for vintage as often as I used to (what an awful side effect!) so I was hoping that I can get some help from you guys! I would love to have some contributors to the site who can tell their vintage stories, share their latest finds, and show some really cool recycled DIYs. If you’re interested please give me a shout at Kaitlin@MyVintageSecret.com!

I have been blogging for GetCraftee for a couple of months where I post DIYs so visit the site if you’re interested! Above is a sneak peek of my latest project that should be posted today so keep checking back!

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I started this project a long time ago. I drew a deer, photocopied and enlarged my drawing, cut out the leather pieces, taped them on (pinning through leather breaks nails), then started sewing… and promptly stopped. I realized what I was doing was impossible. Initially I wanted to sew around the edges of the pieces, outlining them (was I drunk?) but soon realized how difficult this was. This project laid on my “to-do” pile for about a month before I got a brainwave(!) last night and decided to just sew them straight on with diagonal top-stitching. I can’t believe how long it took me to come up with this super simple solution…


I hope you like my latest DIY. I’d love to hear what you think!

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It’s garage sale season!  At 7:30 am we loaded the van, taking our morning coffees with us in their original china mugs (do other family’s do this?) and sans the back seats for our many anticipated finds. The social aspect is one of the most interesting by-products of garage-saleing. House owners invite strangers into their yards and garages to sift through their lives while making small talk. As we hunt, we slowly learn about the family members, “Looks like junior outgrew is dinosaur phase”, and “Another failed attempt at Tae-Bo,” judging by the parents who lack the biceps of Mr. Billy Blanks. By far, my favourite garage sales are the ones with children running lemonade stands and bake sales (an important lesson in entrepreneurship and hospitality). And of course, the very intelligent parents who put out coffee for the buyers so they won’t low-ball- good thing I brought my mug!

Along with a serge protector bar (thanks for the find Wes) I grabbed these awesome motorcycle boots for $4 (talked the owner down from $5 haha). Best part? They are oil AND acid resistant- PHEW!

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Hello! You can find my DIY post over at Eat Live Shop today (an awesome Toronto-based blog). Check out my bow-tie necklaces!


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Hello! Check out my latest tutorial at GetCraftee where I teach how to make this Turban-style headband. (It’s super easy!)


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I’m going through an intense accessory phase! My brain is full of necklace, scarf, and purse DIYs and since I don’t have a lot of necklaces so I decided to make one. I love the lace necklaces that are trendy right now and after staring at a couple hundred figured that I could easily make my own. My lace flower necklace is a super easy DIY and a great summer accessory. Enjoy!

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I just finished a final exam this morning (almost done school)! Because of studying and this hectic time of the year (it’s almost over soon, I promise I will post more regularly!) I haven’t done a DIY for you BUT I have done the next best thing – found amazing do-it-yourself projects done by other talented and creative people. I’ve searched high and low and filled this post with a great assortment of projects that will keep you busy. I hope you enjoy them!

Leather and Cotton Leggings

I actually saw a girl with similar leggings on and I made a mental DIY note to myself to figure out how to make them. But now I can save my brain power (phew)! This lovely project from Blooming Vogue shows us how to combine leather and cotton in a successful way.

For entire project click here!

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