One of my favourite parts about thrifting is finding that amazing item that is great quality but CHEAP. Shoes are my favourite find because, as a footwear designer, I really value construction and materials but, as a poor person (planning a wedding), I can’t afford to spend $300+ on shoes that are up to those standards. Therefore right now my shoes are normally middle of the road $150 and I get them fixed up every season. For this reason the shoe section is always my first visit. The problem with thrifting and shopping vintage that even if you find a great pair of shoes chances are they’re not your size. My favourite past finds are riding boots from a garage sale and leather combat boots from Browns both blogged about here. This past weekend I did it again. I went to the Value Village at Queen East and began my normal routine of browsing through the shoes first. I didn’t have much hope because this location is generally picked over by the trendy people that live in the neighbourhood but then I saw them. They were on the top shelf- boots, leather, and seemed very like the Frye ones I like but can’t afford. The price tag said $14.99… I was skeptical. Am I insane or are these boots probably worth +$200? Real leather: check. Good quality thick leather: CHECK. Solid outsole: check. Brand: La Botte Guardian…French and unknown to me…must look up. Size: 7.5… PERFECT. I clutched onto them as I walked around all the other trendy customers… how did they miss these? Am I sure about how amazing they are?

Yep! I purchased them and found out they are cowboy boots made in France: La Botte Gardiane and worth roughly $300 new. What an amazing find. Thanks Value Village!
If you’re a nerd like me and interested in the construction click here. Google translated it into english for me. Hopefully it did a good job!
PS. Check out this awesome drawing from their site. What a cute french cowboy! Oui?
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  1. Sam H. says:

    EEEk!! I would have bought them too! One of my most lucky finds was a new designer dress that I bought for 15 € instead of 35O € :-)
    Apartment 23

  2. Alice Lee says:

    cowboy boot is a good choice…:)

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