I decided to do another project from my Cool Couture Remake
that I introduced in a former post. The Flutter Sleeve was
one of my favourite DIYs so I was very excited to do this project.
Mine turned out a little differently (my “flutter” is smaller because I used a small sweatshirt) and even though it reminds me (a teensy bit) of a shoulder pads a football player would wear, I’m happy with the results. Check out my instructions and gallery to see how I re-purposed a casual and boring sweatshirt into a feminine, wearable (and sporty) piece.


What You Need

  • Scissors
  • sewing machine or staples. Ok I’m mostly kidding about using staples BUT you can fasten the sleeves on with other items, like studs (my obvious fav) or cool pins. Don’t feel limited if you don’t have a sewing machine – Be creative!
  • A boring sweatshirt, either borrowed/stolen from a family member, a thrift shop or a department store

How To

  1. Lay out your sweatshirt and pin where you would like to cut the sleeve. Using a ruler or measuring tape is recommended and trying on the garment is helpful in deciding the placement. I went a little deep with mine and had to alter it afterward, remember that if you aren’t happy with the result there always a solution!
  2. Cut!
  3. With scissors, cut the sleeve seam off so it doesn’t appear on your finished flutter sleeve.
  4. Fold over the sleeve to make the two layered flutter sleeve and cut. Remember to make the sleeve underneath larger than the top. Then cut where you folded the sleeve. Repeat on the other side.
  5. Pin the sleeves onto the shoulder. Make sure the “right” side of the sleeve and shirt are together. The “right” side of the fabric is the part you would like facing out. see pic for clarification. Remember that the larger flutter has to be on the bottom so it has to be sewn on top of the smaller flutter sleeve. So when you turn the sleeve back down after sewing the bigger sleeve will be on the bottom. This may sound confusing but pin on the sleeves then turn them the right side up and you’ll understand.
  6. Sew sleeves on, press (iron). And sew sleeve hole over, press. Sewing the sleeve hole is optional, feel free to leave it raw like the sleeve ends.
  7. Finished! At this point I tried on the shirt and realized how deep I had cut the sleeves so I took the side seams in and it works.

DIY Photo Gallery

Final Thoughts

Should I stud it? JUST KIDDING! I have an obsession I know, but adding pizazz through bedazzling is always an option. I would love to know what you think! Feel free to suggest other changes, like different coloured sleeves or different fabric.

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  1. Kelly says:

    Love love love! Is this one from the same book? They are all so great you’re like a master DIY/ Bedazzling haha.

  2. Kelly says:

    Oops I apologize I just realized that it is indeed from the cool couture remake book =)

  3. I am a bit ‘stud happy’ myself and definitely want to indulge in some stud DIY projects but I don’t know where to buy them – I want the hard core ones that can actually pierce through shoes and stuff. Where do you purchase your studs, can you recommend a store in Toronto?

    And I think your shirt looks great, even better then the original!

  4. kaitlin says:

    @Kelly, thanks for your comment! I should add “master bedazzler” to my resume ;)

    @ShopTOLive I have second-hand information that you can find studs at Casta Brava – a leather store at 67 Kensington though I have never been there. I get my pyramid studs from old belts (as I’m super cheap) and smaller ones from craft stores on queen like Arton Beads. Also http://studsandspikes.com/ is a good site online that sells cheap studs in many varieties, “ships to any country on earth” and accepts most methods of payment including PayPal. Hope that helps!

  5. Trudy says:

    That is so COOL!
    My bother is going to loose his whte Hard rock cafe NY sweatshirt WERY soon…. grin

  6. kaitlin says:

    @Trudy just make sure he doesn’t track it back to me! ;) Let me know how it goes!

  7. louloubel says:

    I love love this!!! I’ve seen reference to this book before and is tempted to get it.

    My question is do I need to understand japanese to use it or are the clear step by step diagrams/photographs to follow?

    Please let me know cause I don’t understand one word of japanese spoken or written. though I’d love to : {

    thanks loulou

  8. kaitlin says:

    Hi Louloubel! Have you sewed before? If you have a basic knowledge of sewing I think you can definitely understand this. I definitely recommend getting the book and if you do feel free to ask me questions! I’d love to help ;)

  9. km17 says:

    I also realized this model … This Japanese book is a true treasure

    ( I’m french ;-)

  10. Londonsdove says:

    WOW, I really love this! Can’t wait to begin one. Yes, I too like studs. Thank for this pattern.

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