So ever since I saw these  burberry boots from the Fall ’10 collection I’ve been obsessed with finding my own version, ie. cheaper and flat. BUT after searching high and low I can’t find any! I’ve seen many similar styles but they are all either heels or just ugly so I’ve taken it into my own hands (like any true DIY-er) and made my own. I took the boots I got from Common Sort last year and jazzed them up with shearling inserts. Check out how incredibly easy it is to make your own!

latest-find_laceupbootscsort   img00778-20101121-2005


  • Shearling (currently on sale for $12/m (down from $40) at Fabricland)
  • scissors
  • pen/chalk for tracing
  • sewing machine
  1. Cut a large piece of shearling and place it in your boot to trace.
  2. Use a pen to trace around the boot- keep in mind that you may want to extend the shearling to the front of your boot where your laces are.
  3. Add a seam allowance, I used 1/2″ and cut.
  4. Fold sides in and pin. Then fold (cuff) the top of the shearling down and pin where side fold is.
  5. Sew down the sides making sure to catch the top- this creates an open “cuff” that will fit over the top of your boots. By sewing down the sides you make sure that only shearling will show and not a raw edge showing the suede (in my case leopard suede).
  6. Done! Hopefully the pictures help illustrate this DIY- it’s a bit hard to explain. Let me know if you have any questions!
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  1. dad says:

    cool recycle and reuse keeps the dumps cleaner

  2. Kelly says:

    Wow the shearling boots look awesome! You’re so clever with your DIY’s

  3. kaitlin says:

    Thanks everyone! Dad we need to find you an avatar!

  4. Ola says:

    This is a great tutorial. Thanks!

  5. Kate says:

    I adore your blog! Stay diying <3

  6. shannthall says:


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