November 21st, 2010

So ever since I saw these  burberry boots from the Fall ’10 collection I’ve been obsessed with finding my own version, ie. cheaper and flat. BUT after searching high and low I can’t find any! I’ve seen many similar styles but they are all either heels or just ugly so I’ve taken it into my own hands (like any true DIY-er) and made my own. I took the boots I got from Common Sort last year and jazzed them up with shearling inserts. Check out how incredibly easy it is to make your own!

latest-find_laceupbootscsort   img00778-20101121-2005

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November 13th, 2010

img00730-20101113-1454 img00739-20101113-1604

As a frequent second-hand shopper, it’s easy to go in and out of vintage stores and find that someone has already grabbed the good stuff. As much as I love vintage-saturated areas to shop in, it’s makes it difficult to find something really great. Common Sort, a thrift store full of fantastic “hand-picked recycled fashions” (at a good price point) is  just out of reach of densely-populated shopping areas, making it worthy of a visit.

img00735-20101113-1517   img00732-20101113-1516


If you’re the type of shopper who wants the vintage experience but doesn’t want to over-pay for second hand clothing or hunt through one hundred racks for a great find, Common Sort is the perfect shop for you. They hand pick their clothing according to their customer and will “trade” in your old clothing for money or credit within their store. Even though my shoes were rejected, (no hard feelings, it’s nice to see that they’re picky) they accepted the rest of my old favourites and paid me on the spot (yesssss). While rummaging through my clothing, they gave me the chance to browse around (nice tactic, it’s impossible to leave with nothing!) and I found this lovely navy suede clutch-bag originating from Brown’s. I’ve been obsessed with large clutches,  so this was a great find! Together with cafes, pubs and restaurants, shopping at Common Sort completes the perfect day down Queen East so take a friend or go on a date in this area- you will have tons of fun!


Now with their new location in Parkdale, whether you decide, “Queen East? or West? Common Sort will find you.

Happy Thrifting!

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