July 30th, 2010

A hybrid of something your grandmother and an elderly gentleman would wear


Weird hey? But nice. I didn’t know what to think of these shoes when I got them. They have this nostalgic feel , like something I could wear on a balcony while drinking cognac and smoking a cigar but also something you could wear lawn-bowling. The toe shape, the colour, and the overall weirdness of them ultimately won me over. ┬áNow to find some cognac and join a lawn-bowling league…

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July 29th, 2010

Hey guys! Yes I am ashamed at my absence on this blog :( With the combination of starting a new job (yaay I’m a grown-up!) and summer vacations, and blogging for other sites, I have been too busy to update My Vintage Secret so it has unfortunately been thrown on the back burner. I’m just settling into my work routine so I’m going to make an effort to post more often.

Having a job doesn’t allow me to shop for vintage as often as I used to (what an awful side effect!) so I was hoping that I can get some help from you guys! I would love to have some contributors to the site who can tell their vintage stories, share their latest finds, and show some really cool recycled DIYs. If you’re interested please give me a shout at Kaitlin@MyVintageSecret.com!

I have been blogging for GetCraftee for a couple of months where I post DIYs so visit the site if you’re interested! Above is a sneak peek of my latest project that should be posted today so keep checking back!

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