April 29th, 2010

Hello! Check out my latest tutorial at GetCraftee where I teach how to make this Turban-style headband. (It’s super easy!)


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April 27th, 2010

I’m going through an intense accessory phase! My brain is full of necklace, scarf, and purse DIYs and since I don’t have a lot of necklaces so I decided to make one. I love the lace necklaces that are trendy right now and after staring at a couple hundred figured that I could easily make my own. My lace flower necklace is a super easy DIY and a great summer accessory. Enjoy!

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April 20th, 2010

I just finished a final exam this morning (almost done school)! Because of studying and this hectic time of the year (it’s almost over soon, I promise I will post more regularly!) I haven’t done a DIY for you BUT I have done the next best thing – found amazing do-it-yourself projects done by other talented and creative people. I’ve searched high and low and filled this post with a great assortment of projects that will keep you busy. I hope you enjoy them!

Leather and Cotton Leggings

I actually saw a girl with similar leggings on and I made a mental DIY note to myself to figure out how to make them. But now I can save my brain power (phew)! This lovely project from Blooming Vogue shows us how to combine leather and cotton in a successful way.

For entire project click here!

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April 18th, 2010

I love the start of new seasons. Maybe it’s the prairie-girl in me but one of my favourite moments is when fall turns into winter. Everything is still and you can see your breath- I love a little chill. My other favourite moment is now – when spring is slowly turning into summer (although summer doesn’t technically begin until June 20). I always feel revived and make crazy goals for myself as though it’s a new year; and it’s the typical few: sew more, eat better, get better sleep. But the best part about summer is shopping for weather-appropriate garments. This season I feel nude colours and floral are everywhere so I’ve been keeping my eye out for it. I found these lovely silk tops at Value Village and I’m in love! Normally I don’t buy such feminine pieces but hey, summer makes me do crazy things.  I grabbed them for $6 each and I can’t wait to wear them into the hot summer months where I will pair them with t-shirt-thin cardigans keeping me nice and cool.

What items are you looking to add to your summer wardrobe?

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April 13th, 2010

This bib necklace is made up of mostly recycled materials. I found the leather at Fabricland. It was leftover from various projects (nice to see them recycling!). The necklace is mine and has been broken for a while which I guess is the positive side of buying cheap jewelry – re-purposing!




  1. Cut out your base fabric that you will attach everything to. I recommend using a heavier fabric like denim or leather so it will hold it’s shape.
  2. Cut slits and add rings to the ends for your closure. I chose a ribbon but you can use chains or whatever you have lying around.
  3. Play around with layout. This was the most challenging part and I’m not sure if I feel I’m successful yet but I’m getting there with my picasso-crazy layout.

You’re done! Super easy! I would love to hear your thoughts or what you would do differently.

Sorry for the delay in posting this DIY. It’s a been crazy-hectic week!

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April 9th, 2010

Russ Martin is an amazing person, great journalist and always manages to entertain. So I was very excited when he said he would fill out my vintage questionnaire. Below you will find his hilarious and interesting accounts with vintage clothing including his fascination with Chloe Sevigny and her overalls. Get a regular dose of Russ’s personality at his site, Close Your Eyes.

What draws you to shop for Vintage?

Growing up in southern Manitoba, shopping vintage was a necessity, not a hobby. It was either the MCC thrift shop across from the grocery store, or the Gap. Back then we still called clothing “used”, thinking vintage was a word our parents used to describe wine. Years later sifting through second hand shops is still cheaper, easier, and more fun than boutiques or the mall. You never end up in that same sweater everyone has from H&M.

When did you first shop in a vintage store? Do you remember your first buy?

See above. Don’t remember the first—something in grade school my mom picked up at Value Village for me, I’m sure.

What is your best Vintage find?

A 1980s Harley Davidson motorcycle jacket (pictured above), which I wear through warm weather, rain or shine. Leather jackets are easy to find at thrift shops, but to find a biker jacket in my small size you usually have to look at vintage boutiques. I found this one at Hooper’s in Winnipeg while I was home for Christmas vacation last year. It fits like a glove when I wear it I can’t help feeling a bit like a Ramone.

Everyone seems to be addicted to certain vintage accessories or garments? What vintage items are you obsessed with?

High-waisted men’s trousers. These are easy to find and simple to work into a wardrobe—I have a pair in almost every colour. My standard uniform right now is a pair of vintage trousers matched with a fast-fashion printed dress shirt, buttoned to the neck.

myvintagesecret myvintagesecret1 myvintagesecret3

Right now, what era does your style fit into? What are your favourite trends from this time?

Last autumn I joked my style for the season was 1950s academia, which meant lots of sweater-vests and an occasional argyle or houndstooth print. Lately I’d say I look like the only gay banker in small-town-somewhere, circa 1963.

Is there a vintage accessory or garment that you crave/are looking for?

Right now I have my eye out for the perfect pair of sweats. Usually I steal the ones my dad buys out of the Sears catalogue, but after seeing so many sweats on the runway this season, I’m looking for a pair made of an interesting, comfortable material I can have a friend re-work to a more tightly tailored harem. Too much?

When you go vintage shopping do you have a vintage buddy or prefer shopping alone? What is your vintage shopping process?

The cardinal rule is: go together, shop alone. Two sets of eyes are better than one, but hit the racks alone so you never have to argue over an item. I have a set of vintage buddies and we all are always on the hunt for stuff in each other’s style. The best vintage pieces I own weren’t my own finding, they all come from friends who saw the clothes and thought of me.

If you could steal anyone’s style from the past whose would it be?

Chloe Sevigny back before Kids in the early nineties, when she was a Sassy intern and the coolest girl in the rave scene in Manhattan. For years now I’ve been trying to convince my friends to let me wear overalls, just like Chloe did.

Was there a tv show or celebrity/musician from your childhood who influenced your early style?

When I was a teenager I fell hard for Conor Oberst and wore striped sweaters for an entire year.

Do you own anything that you want to pass down?

Not yet—but I did recently rescue a pair of my mum’s tights from the eighties from my parents’ house. They are loud, bright, and busy, kind of like a print by Jeremy Scott.

Is there anything that you have inherited from a family member?

My grandfather—Russel Morden—passed a whole pile of clothes to me (along with a name). Luckily we’re almost the same size, so I’ve got some great suits along with my favourite pair of well-worn Wranglers, which I’m told qualify as “boyfriend jeans”.

Do you have a favourite vintage store? If you shop online where do shop for vintage?

Hands down Double Take. I’m convinced there is someone who lives in Cabbagetown who shares my size and style. I’ve found racks full of similarly sized and styled garments all in a single run. It’s my dream to catch him as he’s dropping off a bag and offer cash for everything he tosses out—if all those size 28” pants do belong to him, I want each and every pair.

What is your most memorable vintage item/story?

In my senior year of high school I worked at Value Village. We had a handful of regulars who would wait for the doors to open each morning and spend the day making the rounds. But my favourite was a silver-haired elderly woman we called Armani Lady. She’s the best vintage shopper I’ve ever met and would comb through every item in the store repeatedly until she found some sort of designer good.

Thanks Russ!

Do you know someone else that has great vintage stories and would like to be featured? Email me at kaitlin@myvintagesecret.com

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April 6th, 2010

I finally found the time to post the instructions. Sorry! I’ve been blog-bad… if that’s a phrase. Here is the full post on how to add lace yokes to a dress shirt!

The Final Result


The Instructions

  1. Cut off sleeves, fold under and sew. You can also leave this unfinished for a more raw look
  2. Decide where you would like to crop the shirt. I also finished this by turning up the raw ends and sewing and if you decide to do that too make sure you compensate for it. So if you’re going to finish it you’ll probably turn the ends up about 1/2″ so cut it a 1/2″ longer.
  3. Decide where you want the yokes and the style. I did a “sweetheart” style but marked where the yokes would come to so I wouldn’t reveal too much IF you know what I mean…
  4. Cut out your yokes. To make it easier just cut to the shoulder seam and the armhole seam and to the buttonhole placket (center). Don’t cut into the entire sleeve-hole. See the pictures below for reference.
  5. I wanted this to be quick and easy so I sewed the lace directly on. From the “right side” (the side that shows) I pinned the lace underneath the dress shirt so I could easily sew right around.
  6. Using the width of my presser foot (1/4″) as a guide, I sewed all around the lace applique attaching it from the right side.
  7. You’re done! Quick and easy!

The Gallery

I hope you enjoyed this DIY!

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April 5th, 2010

Hi Everyone! I hope you all had a nice long weekend! I’m back to the grind. The last few weeks of school are the busiest and worst – there are some stress-eating in my future. I thought I would leave you with some photos my friend Char took of me featuring some of my vintage finds.




Clothing Credits:

Blouse: $4 Double Take Thrift Store

Shorts: $10 Value Village – I altered these, they were pants but I cut them off and put a fake cuff on them.

Shoes: $7 Value Village

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